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Daryn Snijdewind (she/they) is a director and screenwriter. Her work explores complex relationships, gender, identity, and the inner workings of the human mind. Born in Lake Forest, California in 2001, Daryn began filmmaking at 16 years old in Trabuco Hills High School's film program, Magic Box Productions. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Media Arts Production at Emerson College.

Daryn is a storyteller through and through. She enjoys writing and directing character-driven dramas with a supernatural or surrealist twist, and combines her art and activism to create work that questions what it means to exist, and how time (or lack thereof), societal pressures, and emotional bonds can affect a subject. Daryn's work peels back the layers of what makes a person or experience, leading viewers on a deeply personal journey through the various intersections of identity and personhood. She believes that life experience is inherently individual, but that everyone can be united which through their messy, hilarious, devastating, and beautiful shared humanity.

Daryn has recently wrote, directed, and produced The Cell, which is an allegorical narrative in which a young woman must escape from her voyeuristic prison. It touches on the cyclical pain that comes from the active fight for liberation in the face of an oppressive force, using metaphoric visuals and immersive sound design to deliver the message that no battle is ever truly over. The Cell has been completed and is currently in the film festival circuit, you can view it exclusively on!

Daryn is currently based in the Los Angeles area, attending Emerson College Los Angeles and interning at AfterBuzz TV and Better Together with Maria Menounos. Better Together is a daily digital life improvement podcast that explores healing and health (of all kinds!). Not only is Daryn be helping aid Better Together throughout their various stages of production, but she is also pitching and writing editorial articles for AfterBuzz TV proper. Visit or to read her recent articles!

Photo By: Julija Garunkstis


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